A Necessary Stop Along the Way

The Second Sunday in Advent

Sermon by Dr. Kevin Tully

During these four weeks leading up to Christmas each year, we - the Church- take ourselves on a spiritual Christmas journey. It's the journey that leads us to consider God's wonderful gift to you and me that was given when a baby was born long ago in a stable.  And on this journey, we find ourselves walking the same paths as our ancestors, exploring the same scriptures, learning the same lessons. 


In this week's sermon, Dr. Tully shares a passage from the Book of Malachi that tells of the coming of 'a messenger' that will 'purify' and 'refine' us in preparation for the Lord, 'as in the days of old and as in former years.' Much like re-visiting these same prophetic scriptures year after year help us take this journey to Bethlehem as in the days of old.


Sometimes, Seeing a Little is Seeing Enough

“God so loved the world that he sent his only son…” John 3:16

This Sunday, we begin a period of four weeks of waiting, anticipating, hearing of God’s promise, and preparing our hearts to to celebrate on December 25th. As Christians, we do so with full expectation and a sense of certainty that the time for celebrating the arrival of the Messiah will come, because it has already happened. This period of waiting is a significant matter in the life of faith and is full of symbolism for what it means to be a Christian - to be Methodist. Dr. Tully begins this wonderful season of Advent with a sermon that dives deep into our faith and gives us a deeper understanding of God's plan for us.

Living With Trust, Dying Without Fear

In our scripture reading this week, John 18:33-37, Jesus proclaims that his "Kingdom is not from this world."  He reminds us that he is a different kind of king and that being part of the Kingdom of God is to be a part of something better, more lasting and eternal - more important - than human kingdoms on earth.  This week, we complete our Series on Leaving a Legacy.  Dr. Tully shares with us that in knowing that we belong to the Kingdom of Heaven allows us to entrust our lives to Jesus but to also entrust our deaths to him.  Join us for this final Sunday before the Advent Season. 

The Legacy of Looking in the Mirror

 When you look in the mirror, you can see yourself honestly and without filters. A person who can look at oneself honestly is willing to take a look at one’s problems, deal with them with God’s help, and to show the courage to address whatever situations we need to address.  When we can show that level of honesty to ourselves, that not only helps us and is good for us in the sense of doing the will of God, but it’s such a witness to others, in terms of showing the courage and integrity and faith that is required for looking at oneself honestly. 


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