Angel Tree

November 26

Dates: November 26 - December 17


Join us in spreading joy and love this holiday season by participating in the Angel Tree Benefit for Waxahachie Care, taking place from November 26 to December 17. As you enter the church foyer, you'll find the Angel Tree adorned with ornaments, each representing a heartfelt wish from someone in our community. Select an ornament and discover the name of the item you can contribute to make a difference in someone's life. Whether it's a warm blanket, a nourishing meal, or a cherished toy, your generosity will bring warmth and happiness to those in need. Let's come together and make this season brighter for everyone. Your small act of kindness can create a ripple effect of compassion and remind us all of the true spirit of the holidays.

Monetary donations should be given through FUMC. Please indicate that this is a gift for Waxahachie CARE:

Feed a family for a day | Donate $50-$75

Feed a family for a week | Donate $100-$150

Feed a family for a month | Donate $300-$400

Feed a single or elderly adult for a week | Donate $50-$75

Utility bill assistance | $200-$300

Prescription medication assistance | $50-$100

Assistance with gasoline for a car | $25-$50

Heater/Air-Conditioning Window Unit | $500-$1000

New Items to Buy:

Manuel Can Opener

Girl’s New Coat

Boy’s New Coat

Woman’s New Coat

Men’s New Coat

Girl’s Cap & Gloves

Boy’s Cap & Gloves

Women’s Cap & Gloves

Men’s Cap & Gloves

Adult Socks

Children’s Socks

Sleeping Bag for Adult

Sleeping Bag for Child

Funday's Christmas Program

December 14th

Time: 9:15 am


Brace yourselves for a December filled with joy at Funday School! On December 7, join us for the enchanting Polar Express Movie Night—an unforgettable family experience, complete with the magic of the silver screen and seasonal delights. Save the date for December 14, when our students take center stage in the Funday Christmas Program at 9:15 am. Be captivated by their talents as they spread festive cheer through music, performances, and holiday merriment. Following the festivities, Christmas Break begins, offering a well-deserved respite for students to recharge and enjoy the holiday season. We'll be eagerly awaiting everyone's return on January 9 as we embark on a new year of learning and growth together. Don't miss out on the holiday magic at Funday School—where every moment is a celebration!

First Kids Christmas Program

December 17

Time: 6:00 pm


Embrace the enchantment of the season at our Children's Christmas Program on December 17th at 6 pm! Join us for an evening filled with the infectious joy of our young performers as they bring the magic of Christmas to life through heartwarming songs and delightful skits. From adorable nativity scenes to spirited renditions of classic carols, this festive showcase promises to be a delightful celebration for the whole family. Save the date and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as our little stars light up the stage with their innocence and enthusiasm. Don't miss this magical night of wonder and laughter – December 17th at 6 pm!

Pop-Up Food Pantry

December 20

Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Give the gift of time this holiday season! The Pop-Up Food Pantry is calling for volunteers on December 20 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Join us in making a difference by lending a hand to distribute essential food items to those in need. Your commitment for just a few hours can bring warmth and nourishment to families facing challenges this holiday season. Sign up now via the link below or scan the QR code to be a part of this impactful community effort. Let's come together to spread kindness and make the season brighter for everyone.

Longest Night Service

December 21

Time: 6:00 pm


Find solace and solidarity at the Longest Night Service on December 21 at 6:00 pm, hosted in the Chapel. Illuminated by the gentle glow of candlelight, the service will offer moments of reflection, soothing music, and a shared space for remembrance. Come together to honor and cherish the memories of those we've lost, finding strength in unity during this poignant and meaningful event.

Campfire & Carols

December 22

Time: 5:00 pm


Come Be Part of a “Hallmark Movie” Holiday Event!
Looking for a good, old-fashioned fun and memorable event to make your Christmas special? Then come be with us on December 22 at 5 pm for “Campfire and Carols”! The event will be held outside, so you may want to bring your own camp chair (we’ll provide some seating, as well) and bundle up! This is a chance to sing favorite holiday songs and carols, to make s’mores at our outdoor fires, and to have fun. There will even be a “special surprise” at the end that you won’t want to miss. Kids and parents with youngsters will especially want to have their cameras ready to capture this memorable experience!
See you at 5 pm on December 22 for “Campfire and Carols”!


Stay up to date with all of the church happenings going on throughout the month! Make sure to check back from time to time, as we are always up to something!