A Note from Pastor Kevin

When we decide to cook something, it is important to have the right ingredients and to use the proper amounts. God has given us instruction for creating a good and satisfying life, and when we follow God’s recipe, the results turn out the way our loving God intends. Ingredients needed for living as God intends include things such as worship, prayer, giving, helping, loving, learning, sharing, witness, and caring. When we leave out any of these, our lives are lacking – and in some cases, are not only “off a little”, but even disastrous. 


On this page, you will read about the ways in which our church helps us to know, find and possess the right ingredients for living as God intends. I think you’ll be encouraged and inspired by these. I hope we’ll all reflect upon any of the ingredients listed that may need some re-balancing in your life, and that you will support our church and its mission by participating in this year’s stewardship campaign.


In Christ,

Kevin Tully, Pastor at First United Methodist Church of Waxahachie

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