Ron Bellomy

Ron Bellomy

I just go by “Ron” since I’m not big on titles. However, the folks who are uncomfortable with this level of informality usually call me “Pastor Ron.”

My Favorite Things

My favorite part of ministry is preaching and leading worship. The very purpose of worship is for us to take time out of our hectic, sometimes chaotic lives to intentionally focus on God as we offer our praise and adoration. If we consistently have these worshipful encounters, we are transformed into the people Christ calls us to be. In the church, I also enjoy teaching, mission outreach, and seeking God’s vision for direction and purpose.

I invest most of my precious personal time with family and friends. I also enjoy American muscle cars, music, movies and television (mostly comedies and action dramas), sports, and traveling.

My Reason for Being Here

My call to pastoral ministry came through police work and mental health case work. During those early years of secular service, I realized that we were mostly dealing with the symptoms of deprived spirituality. As a pastor, I get to present the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, offered without a price to everyone regardless of social status or station in life.

My Biggest Struggle

I feel great compassion for the many folks who are looking for the answers to their pain, brokenness, and isolation in the unsatisfying remedies of the culture. I am a local pastor who loves serving in a local church. But, I also have the heart of an evangelist who desires to reach out to the lost and suffering children of God.