Unplugged Launch Team Report – Progress Update

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The team met on Sunday, January 14 and discussed the following items:


  • Sound system upgrades: The Trustee approved a contract with Featherston Media of Waxahachie to do about $24,000 in upgrades ($5000 in grant money) including speakers, monitors and miking the piano. The speakers are ordered and installation by the Feb. 18 launch date shouldn’t be a problem.


The team approved the Epson projector (link below) recommended by Clyde. Andy will work with Linda Mitchell to get it ordered.   http://m.projectorpeople.com/projectors/projector-details.asp?itemid=41209&itmname=Epson-PowerLite-2255U&CAWELAID=520008850000030759&ads_cmpid=141229275&ads_adid=10048858635&ads_matchtype=&ads_network=g&ads_creative=36019104675&utm_term=&ads_targetid=pla-384375702896&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&ttv=2&gclid=Cj0KCQiAnOzSBRDGARIsAL-mUB2mKabJjC_YwGS9-35AkWKEuMs8g9uO27qCARYJac6U5Pv6qU7igo8aAgY_EALw_wcB

Research is still in progress for the portable screen. After the meeting, Donnie told Andy and Ron that a qualified person is interested in doing the video development and presentation for Unplugged.


  • Marketing: We are continuing to do teaser ads on Facebook and have ordered outdoor banners to put on Marvin. We have decided to add Unplugged to the evangelism postcards we already send out (about 300 per month) rather than send a separate mailing for the launch. This won’t cost us anything and will free up marketing dollars for merchandise with the logos (T shirts, car stickers, etc.). The use of the logos is already underway online and an Unplugged page is being developed for the church website.


  • Spirituality and Small groups: The congregation is being encouraged to pray for the Unplugged initiative and for the newcomers we anticipate on a continual basis. The team discussed the options for small groups. This issue is involved and still under research.


  • Music: Andy and Donnie are meeting on a regular basis to work up sets of songs. There are many church musicians planning to play for the service, many of whom played in the contemporary band.


  • Hospitality: David reported that there are a growing number of individuals who are volunteering to greet and extend hospitality. He emphasized that they would not only greet Unpluggeders, but would serve as a source of hospitality for folks in the other services as well. The need for shirts or name tags was discussed to identify the hospitality team. Ron asked the group to make a recommendation for a table(s) or cart(s) for the handouts and Unplugged merchandise. Whatever is chosen needs to be fairly portable because of the different uses of the Narthex.


  • Other items: Jackie presented several creative ideas for worship including cardboard testimonies and thematic Communion stations. The next Unplugged meeting will be on Sunday, January 28 at noon in the office conference room.


  • Vision: The vision for Unplugged is for a creative and unique worship experience that is neither contemporary, traditional nor blended. The focus will be on creativity and a broad appeal to the people who need to unplug from the world and connect to Life (God in Jesus Christ).



Unplugged Launch Team Members:

Ron Bellomy
Jr Bryant
Douglas Buhrer
Scott Diermann
Patty Harris
David Lewis
Clyde Melick
Jeff Reed
Melanie Reed
Lisa Rogers
Val Stewart
Bob Todd
Don Todd
Andy Truex
Jackie Wray
Maecy Bruner