Three Simple Rules

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Slow down. I want to get off…

We live in a fast-paced world that shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, it seems to be speeding up. Added to that is the head-spinning, out of control nature of conflict and chaos that seems to dominate our very existence. Unless we want to join a monastery or live on the proverbial deserted island, we don’t seem to have many options. Fortunately, our despair is unnecessary because we have Three Simple Rules that offer us hope.

In the words of Bishop Rueben P. Job, “This way of living was given to John Wesley (Methodist founder) in a time much like our own. He took this blueprint, fleshed it out, taught it, and practiced it. Now it is up to us…“ to learn and adopt this beautifully simple practice:

  1. Do no harm

  2. Do good

  3. Stay in love with God